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Why should I do the movement Assessments?

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You will not be given an absolute score depending upon your testing & assessments.

What we will be getting and giving is a picture of any discrepancies between each side of your body.

And this information will help us as your strength & conditioning coaches help build a proper program and progressions for you’d as an individual athlete.

Even if you have specific range of motion limitations we are not going to give you an exact standard that you need to get too.  That is because no two people are built  alike.

But by doing these assessments we can find the red flag markers for each individual and program accordingly.

We are looking for a snap shot of how you move and what movements we should be giving you accordingly.

For example if your ankle mobility on both sides is poor we are not benefiting your health and wellness by giving you a million air squats.

If your right side range of motion is drastically better than your left side…  why should we let you back Squat when you should be doing unilateral work such us split lunges to not only fix the range of motion but strengthen the legs as well?

In short, the assessments are just one more tool that will help you in your fitness journey!