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When to add a Recovery Workout/MAP10?

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When to MAP10?
It is our plan to help you train 5-6 days per week.

No this doesn’t mean 5-6 grueling WODs.

But rather dependent upon level, recovery and feel we would like to see you attacking 3-4 workouts a week.

And then adding 2-3 MAP10 sessions.

Example Template:

4 Workout Week
Monday: WOD
Tuesday: WOD
Wednesday: MAP10
Thursday: WOD
Friday: MAP 10
Saturday: WOD

Or maybe it’s a rough week in the gym, office or otherwise and your CNS is smoked, Cortisol Levels through the roof!  Than something like this would be more effective:

3 Workout Week
Monday: WOD
Tuesday: MAP10
Wednesday: WOD
Thursday: MAP10
Friday: WOD
Saturday: MAP10

One more thing who should MAP10?
Everyone!  From the newest athlete to the most established. We can always work on our cardiovascular base.

For the newer athlete the MAP10 will start to build a big foundation for the longer and higher intensity workouts.

For the established athlete it will expand your base.  Have you ever felt like your going to explode 2 minutes into ‘Fran’?  Well if your aerobic base was bigger and stronger that wouldn’t happen.  Or at least not as quickly.

The MAP10 workouts will be programmed and emailed to everyone on Sundays along with a link to the weeks program.

This will give every athlete an opportunity to plan the their week, ask questions, make modifications, etc.

This is going to be huge for those who take advantage!

Please let us know what questions you have.  And stay tuned tomorrow for more details on the Bulletproof Programs.