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[WEEK 46/52 – 2017] Recovery Workouts

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45-60 Minutes

Just a little walk.

Wear the heaviest backpack/vest you have 😉

Every 10 Minutes

10 Ground to Overhead with backpack/vest

30-45 Minutes

6 Rounds
1 Minute Row
1 Minute SA OH Carry (Right)
1 Minute SA OH Carry (Left)
1 Minute Wall Sit
1 Minute Lat Pull Down Hold
1 Minute Ring Plank

15-30 Minutes

Time to act like a baby!

You will spend this time crawling

Mix it up

Bear Crawls
Baby Crawls
Crab Walk
Army Crawl

Do whatever you want, just crawl!

So when you have a chance take 5 minutes to check out this weeks workouts here: Elevate Fitness & Performance Workouts and then plan your recovery sessions accordingly!

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