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[WEEK 38/52 – 2017] Recovery Workouts

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Here are this weeks recovery workouts…

We through in a little wrinkle with one and included a lot of core work per some requests.  But make sure to focus on movement not weight with this one!

Have a great week…

45-60 Minutes
Just a little walk.
Wear the heaviest backpack/vest you have 😉
Every 10 Minutes
10 Ground to Overhead with backpack/vest

30-45 Minutes
5 Minute Warm-Up (Row, Run or Bike)
A1.  Med Ball Side Toss 3×10
A2.  Leg Lifts 3×10
B1. Plank 45-60s
B2.  Russian Twists 3×20
C1.  Landmine Rotational Punch 3×10
C2.  Landmine Bar Toss 3×10
5 Minute Cool Down (Row, Run or Bike)

15-30 Minutes
3 Minute Assault Bike
10 Samson Lunges
10 Wall Pass Throughs