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Time & Money Audit

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Most of you are immediately saying what the hell does this have to do with fitness & performance?

Well you see the purpose is crucial!  It can be an eye opener for current athletes and those on the fence.

We here it all the time…

I don’t have enough time…

It’s too expensive…

Well we can go over and over all of the other posts about what the benefits of excercise are and how you can’t put a price or time on it…  But ya ya ya.

Lets get real…  THOSE ARE JUST EXCUSES.  Ok maybe there are the 1% of you that this becomes a real obstacle.  And we can still work on that.  But for the majority IT’S JUST A FUCKING EXCUSE!

So here are two tools to expose the reality:

    1.  Time.  I don’t have the time…  Bullshit there are 168 hours in the week and all we are asking for is 6 hours.  Check out this great video by the @bobbymaximus on how your week breaks out.

  1. Money.  We get it.  It’s not cheap.  Your gym membership, high quality food, possibly supplements.  But guess what if you didn’t pay $4 per cup of coffee that you can make at home each day you would save $$$.  There are plenty of places in all of our lives where we can find the money for the things that are important.  Here is a super quick money budget you can use to check yourself…

Download the Elevate Gym Budget Worksheet

Got questions?  Well good…. Let us know.

Now get after it…

Team Elevate