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Program Updates

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It has always been the goal of Elevate to help its members in every way possible.  That’s why we opened the door in the first place!

And we feel we are succeeding with that.  We love seeing our members progress.


We want more!  We want more for you the member.  We see amazing progress, but we also see the potential that is left untouched…

So we are adding more to your program and membership to help you thrive!

We will try and touch on everything here in this email but also don’t want you to be overwhelmed.

We are now introducing a new approach and information to the CrossFit programming:

Our Shift to All Levels Programming and MAP10 prescriptions each week is the result of a concerning trend we as CF Owners and Coaches have seen and have been a part of.

That trend is that past initial wave adaptations (meaning you lean out and get a little stronger because everything is new) many people’s progress stalls and then grinds to a halt.

This can be seen in little to no progress with strength, body composition, aerobic or anaerobic capacity.

We as owners and as a staff realize we do not know everything but are always searching to learn and grow.

With this in mind we are shifting our programing principles to reflect some very simple concepts:

In regards to resistance training…whether you are the load or their is an external load:

* You will learn to move the weight perfectly in a controlled manner before trying to move it fast
* We will incorporate isolation (no we don’t mean leg curls and pec decks) work to make our whole body strong and sturdy. Example …..Bulgarian Split Squats, Single Arm Ring Rows, Half Kneeling DB Press
* We will learn and master simple movement before we worry about complex. Example: Can you do a dip or Strict Pullup…..Then attain those skills before putting your efforts towards muscle ups and kipping pullups. We will also assess whether your ROM permits performing those movement safely.
* We will put an emphasis on accumulating Reps and volume with control and tempo rather than worrying about how HEAVY we lifted.

In terms of all things Conditioning Based:

* There will be a strong emphasis on building an aerobic base and pacing
* In terms of endurance you will see longer rowing pieces or Aerobic pieces more often where the priority is being able to sustain a rate of work to build up capacity at given paces over time
* Pieces requiring high power output will be controlled as high power outputs are a skill. It takes power to produce an anaerobic response (muscle as fuel) but we can all produce an aerobic response (oxygen as main source of fuel).

The success of an athlete is predicated off of the foundation they laid in the years prior.  Continuing to build up your Strength & Conditioning base will only help you reap more benefits from our programs.

MAP10 & Recovery Programuming
A big issue we have seen coming up in the gym lately is ‘burn out’.

In our 1-on-1 meetings, emails to coaches or otherwise we are hearing and definitely seeing that a few of you are feeling beat up, tired, or any other adjective here.

Now because everyone has different schedules, lives, etc. it is impossible for us to program recovery days for the entire gym to do together.

BUT…. we believe we have found the solution for all!  The MAP10!

Why MAP10?
First of all let me start with saying that human beings are designed to be enduring.  The more enduring we are, the more resilient we can be in life period.  The aerobic system is one of our genetic predispositions as humans and must not be forgotten in exercise prescription in fear of “losing strength”.   The single greatest contribution a competitive fitness athlete can add to their program is CORRECTLY prescribed Aerobic Endurance Training.

Most people believe that aerobic training is just simply running, rowing or cycling for 30-45 minutes.  In reality there are several levels of aerobic training and each “feel” different to the athlete and must be prescribed correctly for proper development.

Simple visual markers a coach or athlete can identify that tells them they NEED or are NO LONGER AEROBICALLY TRAINING …

* Inability to pace,
* Irregular breathing
* Using chalk or hands on knees to “get air”—stopping.
* Focus is narrow; you can tell in their eyes if they are really working

The Lost Art of Aerobic Endurance Training for CrossFit

What is MAP10?
MAP 10 (Maximum Aerobic Power) is referring to an aerobic level of intensity based on effort.

The MAP 10 level is a VERY low effort with NO intensity at all (think walking on the beach, a mellow hike, a slow relaxing swim, a slow cruise on the air bike or rower……..or maybe a combination of all of the above). A pace that you could sustain for a 3-5hr period without changing tempo.
This will play a VERY, VERY, VERY LARGE role in your recovery as well as your longevity in this program/sport.

Did I mention; VERY LARGE?!

To put it simply: for every really hard, intense effort you do, you should have a MAP 10 session to follow it up.

Either immediately afterward or the next day upon waking in a fasted state (for best results).

How to MAP10?
We will be programming three (3) MAP10 sessions per week and emailing them to you on Sunday evening.  We will also make sure to provide a link to the week of programming.

We would like you to take 10 minutes and plan your training.  What days will you train and what days will you MAP10 (Recover)?

With this setup there is a lot more room for improvement.  And even better room for flexibility to train 5-6 per week.

And last but not least….  Another huge addition to program at Elevate.  This is another service we are rolling out for all of you… and

Becoming Bulletproof:  Mobility Assessments & Customized Programs

We are proud to announce that we are now a part of the Active Life Coach program.

With our Active Life Coach program we will be able to help you become stronger, more mobile and pain free with these programs designed by Active Life Rx doctors to improve joint health and function.

Build healthy joints that last a lifetime.

BulletproofRx programs will help you address mobility and strength balance issues with 10-20 minutes of accessory training 3-5 days per week.

And with these program we’ll be able to lift without pain and set new records with a body capable of generating force through your entire range of motion.

Well I guess that will be it for now 😉

Please let us know what questions you have.  And don’t forget to let us know when you want to get started with your Active Rx Program!

Team Elevate