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Long Mainsite

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Elevate Fitness and Performance – CrossFit


6 Min Clock:

100M Row…50 M arms only…50m Regular Stroke

20 Count KB Goblet Squat Hold

7 PVC Pass Throughs

then after 6 mins

20 BW Good Mornings

20 Speed Skaters 1-1 Count


Rowing Points of Performance

Jump Rope Points of Performance

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


500M Row

100 Double Unders
This is a long piece. So setting and holding a pace is key. Pick something you can sustain.

Break up Double Unders into smaller sets like 20-25 with only a 1-2 breath rest between. On the rower focus on quality positions and the same 500M split the entire time


3 Mins Singles or 3 Mins Dubs practice

Cool Down


2 Mins Banded Hip Extension

3 Min Squat w KB

20 Wall Push Throughs