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Fall Leaning Challenge – Day 8

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Happy Sunday Crew!

I hope everyone has been enjoying this fantastic weekend and staying strong with the challenge.

I had a chance to go out and watch Fleet Week with my family yesterday. And it was amazing out!

So it reminded me on how important it is for all of us to get out in the sunshine, play and have fun.

Health isn’t just training in the gym, taking your vitamins and getting sleep.

There are other things you need! Like Sunshine.

Vitamin D is so essential for our existence that our bodies have evolved to get it from the sun, the only nutrient source that’s available on almost every square inch of the planet. Ironically enough, that’s why so many of us are deficient.

So check out this article by BarBend for some more reasons on why we want you to get out and get some Sunshine today!

Why Vitamin D Is Extra Important for Athletes – BarBend

Have a great Sunday and we will see you in the gym tomorrow!

Coach Nick