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Fall Leaning Challenge – Day 6

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The importance of sleep…

We briefly talked about the importance of sleep during the seminar, but we have yet to really talk about it.

Here is on quote from Dr. Kirk Parsley, the sleep guru to the Navy Seals

Am I saying give up your meditation, mindfulness, breathing techniques before giving up sleep? Yes I am.  The truth is that NOTHING will break you faster than inadequate or low quality sleep. There is a reason sleep deprivation is used to break down people for interrogation. The reason is because it works! Fast!

If that doesn’t get you attention I am not sure what will…

Check out the whole blog post here:  Why Should I Care About Sleep?Why Should I Care About Sleep?

We highly recommend checking out all of Dr. Parsley’s blogs and podcasts they give crazy amounts of data!

Daily Challenge

Prep your bedroom for optimal sleep.  You will need to make it completely dark, cover up all electronics or take them out of the room completely and make sure your bedding is comfortable.

If you get the chance to do this by Monday or if you’ve already done all of this, type DONE below.

This is an honor challenge.  If you want to snap a pic great.  But if not we trust your word 😉

Here’s a couple of other resources for you to check out for help:

Sleep Cave

17 tips to improve your sleep

Turn your bedroom in to a sleep cave

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