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Fall Leaning Challenge – Day 7

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Nothing to crazy for everyone today!

Today is a good day to just hang out and reflect on how the 1st week went and how you are getting prepped for Week 2.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


Let’s have some fun with this one today…

Give us 10 Elevate Jumping Jacks!!! Coach Nic has a demo for you below:

But it can’t be that simple right (insert evil laugh)

For your point make sure you video yourself doing the Jumping Jacks and post in our group.

For an extra two bonus points post them on the Either the Elevate Facebook Page or Instagram Page and tag us!

Let’s have some fun with this. I’m interested to see who has the most creative place for some Jumping Jacks today…

So get ready for your time in the spotlight!