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Fall Leaning Challenge – Day 3

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Your daily tip/challenge for Tuesday, October 3, 2017 is to read all your labels of the foods you have not donated yet.

If they contain any of the refined sugars, industrial seed oils and or grains get rid of it. If you’ve already done this, give yourself a high five for Wednesday.

Remove ALL processed foods like pasta, rice, crackers, cereal, flour, sugar, milk, juices, dressings, and jams!

It’s best not to have tempting food in the house, especially when you first begin.

Some of you might find this difficult if you feel the need to keep processed foods in the house for the sake of other people you live with.  The first question to ask is that if eating clean is good for you, then why isn’t it good for your friends, family and roommates?

If, however, you have no choice in the matter, consider setting up your own separate shelf in the pantry or fridge.

The links below will help and the pictures should help with label reading. Sneaky names for sugar and industrial oils. Please note, these lists are not exhaustive.

If you don’t know something on a label or can’t even pronounce it, you probably should avoid it.

If you are like me and love to research then the food additive dictionary might be some interesting reading.

How to Clean out a Pantry – from Mark’s Daily Apple

Laura Pappas Health – how to clean out the fridge and pantry, again not as strict as our challenge (she allows honey and maple syrup) but a good guide.

Food Additive Dictionary – This is quite the list!!

For today’s extra point take a picture of your victims from the clean out and post to the Facebook Group.

Until tomorrow, keep it up!

Team Elevate