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Fall Leaning Challenge 2017 – Day 1

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So here we go…

The challenge has officially begun.  So let’s make sure you are ready to go with a few chores:

  1. Have you joined the Facebook Group?
  2. Have you saved the Food Log link to your phone or Computer?
  3. Have you e-mailed your before photos to us at
  4. Have you done your initial body scan? E-Mail us if not to get scheduled.

Ok!  Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let’s talk about food!

Have you decided how you are going to approach your food intake each day?

Have you emptied out all the unnecessary and processed foods out of your pantry and stocked up on recommended foods?
Have you gone shopping?

Have you planned out your meal prep for the week?

Let us know how it’s going!


For today’s extra point take a picture of your completed food log and post to the Facebook Group.

Until tomorrow, let’s start with a great day and get rolling!

Team Elevate

P.S.  Tip for day 1, October 1, 2017 Donate all of your households GARBAGE (processed foods) to a local food bank.