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Elevate Fitness & Performance Trifecta

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You may ask…

What is the Trifecta?

Well let me explain.

As your Coaches we take being Coaches seriously!

Being a Coach means that we strive on a second minute hour day week month year basis to positively impact the lives of you as our clients inside and outside of the gym.  Elevate Trifecta

For us this means we dive deeper than simply running your through a workout and telling you to “stay motivated” and “keep up the good work”.

Diving deeper to us means addressing what I have coined the EFP Trifecta.

The Trifecta is Food, Movement & Mobility, and Mindset.

Notice I didn’t include training in there.

Training is a given.

Most people have no problem showing up for the training however we see the most reluctance in terms of the Trifecta.

We have to eat to live and relationships to food can be tricky.

We aren’t looking to chain you to meal plans.

We want you to build good habits.

We simply want to steer you towards nutrient dense, real food…

For the rest of your life.

Movement & Mobility
Proper range of motion and flexibility are a vital part of living long and prospering.

We honestly seek to help you achieve quality ROM to live a long healthier life.

For us it has nothing to do with training.


If we can help you see passive and active flexibility as something you should have as a human being who is alive we have done our job.

Many times we only view proper range of motion as something addressed (though it can’t be properly at all) before training.

We seek to show you that it is something to be addressed to ensure you enjoy being vibrant and health for as long as possible.

Time quells enthusiasm.

Most people are fired up top begin.

But the shine wears off.

Enthusiasm, discipline and motivation are all like a bucket of water with a small hole in the bottom.

If the water is not constantly replenished by verbalizing and writing down priorities and acting in a manner congruent with said priorities it is easy to veer off track.

We firmly believe that a strong, fit body, and the indomitable will and work ethic required to achieve it will blow the doors open on all aspects of your life.

We want to talk to you about how we can help you frame the right mindset.

We want you to see that your training with us-just like other aspect of your life- when viewed through the correct lens can simply be another opportunity to chase excellence and mastery in your life.

This is the EFP Trifecta.

So let’s begin.

As your coaches we think you are capable of more than you may believe you are.

If you are solely training with us and not addressing this Trifecta, you are merely using us as fitness instructors.

Our goal is to show you why you should be using us as coaches.

Coach Lucas