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Effort and Excellence Outweigh Programming

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At Elevate Fitness we take a very simple straight-forward approach to programming and training. On a weekly basis we push, pull, jump, press, hinge, squat, carry weight and hold weight.

We believe that programming is secondary to the effort you give on a daily basis, the mindset you bring to every training session and a rep to rep vigilance on outstanding movement patterns.

As your coaches we can motivate and guide you and these are beautiful things…..but we can’t make you do it. The work needs to be done by you and you need to care. You need to care as badly as you want oxygen to breath.

We are here to train.

Even if it is simply training to be a better parent, husband, wife, brother, sister, employee, business owner we are training…not exercising. Here is the difference. If you walk through our doors merely to exercise…..chances are you stop or slow when discomfort sets in. If you walk through our doors each day to TRAIN, you push through discomfort, and strive to move with excellence and put in extra work on your own.

Exercising brings with it the very real possibility of plateauing and not really seeing progress past your bodies initial adaptation to our programming when everything is new. Training means you strive for constant progress and avoid (mostly) plateaus. Again it all comes back to effort and virtuosity.

We applaud you for showing up on a regular basis to train with us…..but that isn’t good enough. What you do, how hard you work, and how much you care is all that matters. Your coaching staff sees so much untapped potential in all of you.

We challenge you to come in everyday and give us everything you have. Do not search for the comfortable way out. Fitness beyond expectation or perceived ability brings with it discomfort, and is fueled by discipline and hard work.

Remember that hard work and discipline are qualities developed over time and not simply a snap-shot of one single effort. This is why what we do isn’t easy….because one day, week, or month of hard work and discipline does not complete the journey. It’s a pattern of behavior and action over the course of your whole life.

So again…your day to day effort and attention to movement quality is paramount.
Your programming is secondary.
Work you ass off.
When there are footprints on the moon…..clearly sky’s NOT the limit.
Do you know what you’re capable of?
Do you want to know?

Coach Lucas
Team Elevate