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Don’t Worry About The Clock

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That title seems odd doesn’t it?

After all in our fast paced world we seem to live and die by the clock and by time in general.

The clock I refer to is timer in the gym (so maybe not even a clock).

You all know I am a hard ass.

So to many of you the concept I will lay out for you won’t seem surprising coming from me.

My challenge to you is to stop worrying about the clock or how much time is left during a workout.

The clock is necessary to gauge what your finish time was or what your pace is or find out if it’s time to dig your heels in for a big finish.

As well as using the clock to gauge rest time between lifts.

But the timer is not for ceasing activities and looking at the timer praying for time to be up.

The challenge I issue to you is to stop looking at it for the following reasons:

  • To see when you get to STOP
  • To access if you should head out on your last run or start your burpees or your next task

Meaning you shouldn’t be peaking at the clock because you wanna know when you get to stop your workout or to avoid starting the next task.

I absolutely look at the clock.

But I look at the clock to establish pace, to push me to finish in a desired time range or now when to push hard to a finish.\

What I am really touching on is a work like mentality. Instead of looking at the clock with a mindset of wanting to be DONE:

  • Focus on your breathing
  • Focus on your mind/body connection
  • Focus on digging deeper
  • And wish you had MORE time\

Again…you know I am a hard ass.

But that’s because I want to help all of you be mentally tougher.

The clock should be looking at you wondering how much longer it has to count because you are wearing it out.

Get after it!

Coach Lucas