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Fall Leaning Challenge 2017 – Day 4

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So we are a few days in…

Your doing your food logs…

Crushing workouts…

Posting the Daily Challenge…

But guess what’s coming next?

That’s right SABOTAGE! and know not this awesome song by the Beastie Boys 😉

I know this is extremely hard to hear right now because your asking WTF are you talking about.

And it’s not what, but sorry to say WHO!!!

Unfortunately we are surrounded by people who want to Sabotage us.

Now don’t get me wrong most do this unintentionally…

Like the loving client who drops off this treat box 😉

Or the good friend who brings you a triple double mocha frappe upside down pineapple from Starbucks!

But there will also be a few whether they know it or not that intentionally try to sabotage.

It may be a spouse, a friend or a co worker.

And the reason I say this is because as human beings we fear change. And even worse we despise change when it benefits people other than us.

So hear is today’s assignment which is always your Daily Challenge…

Write out a list of all the possible Saboteurs in your upcoming journal. AND more importantly how will you handle these sabotage attempts?

Post a picture of your list to the group!

Now we understand for some these may be a bit personal so for this challenge.

If you do not feel comfortable posting in the group please send to your coaches at