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Elevate Fitness & Performance Trifecta

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You may ask…

What is the Trifecta?

Well let me explain.

As your Coaches we take being Coaches seriously!

Being a Coach means that we strive on a second minute hour day week month year basis to positively impact the lives of you as our clients inside and outside of the gym.  Elevate Trifecta

For us this means we dive deeper than simply running your through a workout and telling you to “stay motivated” and “keep up the good work”.

Diving deeper to us means addressing what I have coined the EFP Trifecta.

The Trifecta is Food, Movement & Mobility, and Mindset.

Notice I didn’t include training in there.

Training is a given.

Most people have no problem showing up for the training however we see the most reluctance in terms of the Trifecta.

We have to eat to live and relationships to food can be tricky.

We aren’t looking to chain you to meal plans.

We want you to build good habits.

We simply want to steer you towards nutrient dense, real food…

For the rest of your life.

Movement & Mobility
Proper range of motion and flexibility are a vital part of living long and prospering.

We honestly seek to help you achieve quality ROM to live a long healthier life.

For us it has nothing to do with training.


If we can help you see passive and active flexibility as something you should have as a human being who is alive we have done our job.

Many times we only view proper range of motion as something addressed (though it can’t be properly at all) before training.

We seek to show you that it is something to be addressed to ensure you enjoy being vibrant and health for as long as possible.

Time quells enthusiasm.

Most people are fired up top begin.

But the shine wears off.

Enthusiasm, discipline and motivation are all like a bucket of water with a small hole in the bottom.

If the water is not constantly replenished by verbalizing and writing down priorities and acting in a manner congruent with said priorities it is easy to veer off track.

We firmly believe that a strong, fit body, and the indomitable will and work ethic required to achieve it will blow the doors open on all aspects of your life.

We want to talk to you about how we can help you frame the right mindset.

We want you to see that your training with us-just like other aspect of your life- when viewed through the correct lens can simply be another opportunity to chase excellence and mastery in your life.

This is the EFP Trifecta.

So let’s begin.

As your coaches we think you are capable of more than you may believe you are.

If you are solely training with us and not addressing this Trifecta, you are merely using us as fitness instructors.

Our goal is to show you why you should be using us as coaches.

Coach Lucas



Time & Money Audit

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Most of you are immediately saying what the hell does this have to do with fitness & performance?

Well you see the purpose is crucial!  It can be an eye opener for current athletes and those on the fence.

We here it all the time…

I don’t have enough time…

It’s too expensive…

Well we can go over and over all of the other posts about what the benefits of excercise are and how you can’t put a price or time on it…  But ya ya ya.

Lets get real…  THOSE ARE JUST EXCUSES.  Ok maybe there are the 1% of you that this becomes a real obstacle.  And we can still work on that.  But for the majority IT’S JUST A FUCKING EXCUSE!

So here are two tools to expose the reality:

    1.  Time.  I don’t have the time…  Bullshit there are 168 hours in the week and all we are asking for is 6 hours.  Check out this great video by the @bobbymaximus on how your week breaks out.

  1. Money.  We get it.  It’s not cheap.  Your gym membership, high quality food, possibly supplements.  But guess what if you didn’t pay $4 per cup of coffee that you can make at home each day you would save $$$.  There are plenty of places in all of our lives where we can find the money for the things that are important.  Here is a super quick money budget you can use to check yourself…

Download the Elevate Gym Budget Worksheet

Got questions?  Well good…. Let us know.

Now get after it…

Team Elevate

Program Updates

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It has always been the goal of Elevate to help its members in every way possible.  That’s why we opened the door in the first place!

And we feel we are succeeding with that.  We love seeing our members progress.


We want more!  We want more for you the member.  We see amazing progress, but we also see the potential that is left untouched…

So we are adding more to your program and membership to help you thrive!

We will try and touch on everything here in this email but also don’t want you to be overwhelmed.

We are now introducing a new approach and information to the CrossFit programming:

Our Shift to All Levels Programming and MAP10 prescriptions each week is the result of a concerning trend we as CF Owners and Coaches have seen and have been a part of.

That trend is that past initial wave adaptations (meaning you lean out and get a little stronger because everything is new) many people’s progress stalls and then grinds to a halt.

This can be seen in little to no progress with strength, body composition, aerobic or anaerobic capacity.

We as owners and as a staff realize we do not know everything but are always searching to learn and grow.

With this in mind we are shifting our programing principles to reflect some very simple concepts:

In regards to resistance training…whether you are the load or their is an external load:

* You will learn to move the weight perfectly in a controlled manner before trying to move it fast
* We will incorporate isolation (no we don’t mean leg curls and pec decks) work to make our whole body strong and sturdy. Example …..Bulgarian Split Squats, Single Arm Ring Rows, Half Kneeling DB Press
* We will learn and master simple movement before we worry about complex. Example: Can you do a dip or Strict Pullup…..Then attain those skills before putting your efforts towards muscle ups and kipping pullups. We will also assess whether your ROM permits performing those movement safely.
* We will put an emphasis on accumulating Reps and volume with control and tempo rather than worrying about how HEAVY we lifted.

In terms of all things Conditioning Based:

* There will be a strong emphasis on building an aerobic base and pacing
* In terms of endurance you will see longer rowing pieces or Aerobic pieces more often where the priority is being able to sustain a rate of work to build up capacity at given paces over time
* Pieces requiring high power output will be controlled as high power outputs are a skill. It takes power to produce an anaerobic response (muscle as fuel) but we can all produce an aerobic response (oxygen as main source of fuel).

The success of an athlete is predicated off of the foundation they laid in the years prior.  Continuing to build up your Strength & Conditioning base will only help you reap more benefits from our programs.

MAP10 & Recovery Programuming
A big issue we have seen coming up in the gym lately is ‘burn out’.

In our 1-on-1 meetings, emails to coaches or otherwise we are hearing and definitely seeing that a few of you are feeling beat up, tired, or any other adjective here.

Now because everyone has different schedules, lives, etc. it is impossible for us to program recovery days for the entire gym to do together.

BUT…. we believe we have found the solution for all!  The MAP10!

Why MAP10?
First of all let me start with saying that human beings are designed to be enduring.  The more enduring we are, the more resilient we can be in life period.  The aerobic system is one of our genetic predispositions as humans and must not be forgotten in exercise prescription in fear of “losing strength”.   The single greatest contribution a competitive fitness athlete can add to their program is CORRECTLY prescribed Aerobic Endurance Training.

Most people believe that aerobic training is just simply running, rowing or cycling for 30-45 minutes.  In reality there are several levels of aerobic training and each “feel” different to the athlete and must be prescribed correctly for proper development.

Simple visual markers a coach or athlete can identify that tells them they NEED or are NO LONGER AEROBICALLY TRAINING …

* Inability to pace,
* Irregular breathing
* Using chalk or hands on knees to “get air”—stopping.
* Focus is narrow; you can tell in their eyes if they are really working

The Lost Art of Aerobic Endurance Training for CrossFit

What is MAP10?
MAP 10 (Maximum Aerobic Power) is referring to an aerobic level of intensity based on effort.

The MAP 10 level is a VERY low effort with NO intensity at all (think walking on the beach, a mellow hike, a slow relaxing swim, a slow cruise on the air bike or rower……..or maybe a combination of all of the above). A pace that you could sustain for a 3-5hr period without changing tempo.
This will play a VERY, VERY, VERY LARGE role in your recovery as well as your longevity in this program/sport.

Did I mention; VERY LARGE?!

To put it simply: for every really hard, intense effort you do, you should have a MAP 10 session to follow it up.

Either immediately afterward or the next day upon waking in a fasted state (for best results).

How to MAP10?
We will be programming three (3) MAP10 sessions per week and emailing them to you on Sunday evening.  We will also make sure to provide a link to the week of programming.

We would like you to take 10 minutes and plan your training.  What days will you train and what days will you MAP10 (Recover)?

With this setup there is a lot more room for improvement.  And even better room for flexibility to train 5-6 per week.

And last but not least….  Another huge addition to program at Elevate.  This is another service we are rolling out for all of you… and

Becoming Bulletproof:  Mobility Assessments & Customized Programs

We are proud to announce that we are now a part of the Active Life Coach program.

With our Active Life Coach program we will be able to help you become stronger, more mobile and pain free with these programs designed by Active Life Rx doctors to improve joint health and function.

Build healthy joints that last a lifetime.

BulletproofRx programs will help you address mobility and strength balance issues with 10-20 minutes of accessory training 3-5 days per week.

And with these program we’ll be able to lift without pain and set new records with a body capable of generating force through your entire range of motion.

Well I guess that will be it for now 😉

Please let us know what questions you have.  And don’t forget to let us know when you want to get started with your Active Rx Program!

Team Elevate

When to add a Recovery Workout/MAP10?

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When to MAP10?
It is our plan to help you train 5-6 days per week.

No this doesn’t mean 5-6 grueling WODs.

But rather dependent upon level, recovery and feel we would like to see you attacking 3-4 workouts a week.

And then adding 2-3 MAP10 sessions.

Example Template:

4 Workout Week
Monday: WOD
Tuesday: WOD
Wednesday: MAP10
Thursday: WOD
Friday: MAP 10
Saturday: WOD

Or maybe it’s a rough week in the gym, office or otherwise and your CNS is smoked, Cortisol Levels through the roof!  Than something like this would be more effective:

3 Workout Week
Monday: WOD
Tuesday: MAP10
Wednesday: WOD
Thursday: MAP10
Friday: WOD
Saturday: MAP10

One more thing who should MAP10?
Everyone!  From the newest athlete to the most established. We can always work on our cardiovascular base.

For the newer athlete the MAP10 will start to build a big foundation for the longer and higher intensity workouts.

For the established athlete it will expand your base.  Have you ever felt like your going to explode 2 minutes into ‘Fran’?  Well if your aerobic base was bigger and stronger that wouldn’t happen.  Or at least not as quickly.

The MAP10 workouts will be programmed and emailed to everyone on Sundays along with a link to the weeks program.

This will give every athlete an opportunity to plan the their week, ask questions, make modifications, etc.

This is going to be huge for those who take advantage!

Please let us know what questions you have.  And stay tuned tomorrow for more details on the Bulletproof Programs.

Why should I do the movement Assessments?

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You will not be given an absolute score depending upon your testing & assessments.

What we will be getting and giving is a picture of any discrepancies between each side of your body.

And this information will help us as your strength & conditioning coaches help build a proper program and progressions for you’d as an individual athlete.

Even if you have specific range of motion limitations we are not going to give you an exact standard that you need to get too.  That is because no two people are built  alike.

But by doing these assessments we can find the red flag markers for each individual and program accordingly.

We are looking for a snap shot of how you move and what movements we should be giving you accordingly.

For example if your ankle mobility on both sides is poor we are not benefiting your health and wellness by giving you a million air squats.

If your right side range of motion is drastically better than your left side…  why should we let you back Squat when you should be doing unilateral work such us split lunges to not only fix the range of motion but strengthen the legs as well?

In short, the assessments are just one more tool that will help you in your fitness journey!


Mainsite Couplet

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Elevate Fitness and Performance – CrossFit


6 Mins:

30 Single Skips

14 Alt Return Lunges

4 Inchworms

Dynamic Warm-Up/CNS Prep

3 Sets:

:30 PUPP

10 Alt Groiners

5 KB Sots Press per arm

10 PVC Push Press



PVC Push Jerk

Workout Ramp Up

2 Sets

10 Situps

7 Alt DB Single Arm Push Jerks

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


21 Situps (hips must pass shoulders in upright sitting position)

14 DB Single Arm Push Jerks (alt hands each rep) @50/35#

Cool Down


30 Wall Push Throughs

30 Light Cuban Presses

:90 Samson Stretch per side

Extra Work:

4×8 KB Bottoms Up Press

50 Banded Good Mornings

5 Min Banded March

Double Amrap

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Elevate Fitness and Performance – CrossFit

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

4 Min AMRAP:

8 Hang Power Cleans @95/65

4 Lateral Bar Hop Burpees

Rest 4 Mins



6 HPC w trainer bar or pvc

4 Burpees


:30 Ball Slams

:30 Burpees

3 Sets

Dynamic Warm-Up/CNS Prep

8 Mins

10 KBS

6 KB Goblet Squats w Bottom Pause

7 PVC Front Squats

10 Banded Good Mornings

3 Dive Bombers

10 Alt Windshield Wipers

then after 8 Mins

Coach Led 30 Front Rack Floss throughs w BB


PVC Hang Power Cleans

Workout Ramp Up

3 Sets:


4 Lat Bar Hop Burpees

Coaches will use these sets to make sure the weight is right for the athlete. These should be quick HPC ideally

Cool Down


40 BB Front Rack Floss Throughs

1 Min Front Rack hold in full fist elbows as high as possible

3 Min KB Squat Bottom

Extra Work:

30 PVC Hang Power Cleans

2 Mins max rep BB Jumping squats

5 Whys: A Problem Solving Exercise

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A big part of the training we want to help with at Elevate Fitness & Performance happens off the training floor.

It is the Goals & Vision Training for athletes.  And this part is a key component to success!

Without having Goals & Vision, more importantly a WHY, how the hell do you know what you are training for?  What helps you get up day after day with the mentality of getting after it?

For most people there isn’t a WHY.  And for most people without a WHY training becomes a chore or a thing they do here and there when they can squeeze it in…

But we are here to help change that.  And one of the exercises I like to use is very simple and very straight to the point.  It is the 5 Whys!

What the 5 Whys?

5 Whys is an iterative interrogative technique used to explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular problem.[1] The primary goal of the technique is to determine the root cause of a defect or problem by repeating the question “Why?” Each answer forms the basis of the next question. The “5” in the name derives from an anecdotal observation on the number of iterations needed to resolve the problem.

The technique was formally developed by Sakichi Toyoda and was used within the Toyota Motor Corporation during the evolution of its manufacturing methodologies. In other companies, it appears in other forms. Under Ricardo Semler, Semco practices “three whys” and broadens the practice to cover goal setting and decision making.[2]

Not all problems have a single root cause. If one wishes to uncover multiple root causes, the method must be repeated asking a different sequence of questions each time.

The method provides no hard and fast rules about what lines of questions to explore, or how long to continue the search for additional root causes. Thus, even when the method is closely followed, the outcome still depends upon the knowledge and persistence of the people involved.


The vehicle will not start. (the problem)

  1. Why? – The battery is dead. (First why)
  2. Why? – The alternator is not functioning. (Second why)
  3. Why? – The alternator belt has broken. (Third why)
  4. Why? – The alternator belt was well beyond its useful service life and not replaced. (Fourth why)
  5. Why? – The vehicle was not maintained according to the recommended service schedule. (Fifth why, a root cause)

The questioning for this example could be taken further to a sixth, seventh, or higher level, but five iterations of asking why is generally sufficient to get to a root cause. The key is to encourage the trouble-shooter to avoid assumptions and logic traps and instead trace the chain of causality in direct increments from the effect through any layers of abstraction to a root cause that still has some connection to the original problem. Note that, in this example, the fifth why suggests a broken process or an alterable behaviour, which is indicative of reaching the root-cause level.

It is interesting to note that the last answer points to a process. This is one of the most important aspects in the 5 Why approach – the real root cause should point toward a process that is not working well or does not exist.[3] Untrained facilitators will often observe that answers seem to point towards classical answers such as not enough time, not enough investments, or not enough manpower. These answers may be true, but they are out of our control. Therefore, instead of asking the question why?, ask why did the process fail?

A key phrase to keep in mind in any 5 Why exercise is “people do not fail, processes do”.

Now we realize the example above was regarding building/fixing a car.  But the process stays the same for ourselves.


By using the 5 Whys method we can find our TRUE WHY.  That motivating factor that will help us crush our fitness & health goals.

The part that is even more interesting is that most people find out there WHY is completely different than what they originally expected.

So now what to do?  Well if you are an Elevate Fitness & Performance member set up your next goals meeting with one of our coaches.

Not an Elevate Fitness & Performance member?  Now is your chance to set up your 1-on-1 Fitness Consultation.


Long Mainsite

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Elevate Fitness and Performance – CrossFit


6 Min Clock:

100M Row…50 M arms only…50m Regular Stroke

20 Count KB Goblet Squat Hold

7 PVC Pass Throughs

then after 6 mins

20 BW Good Mornings

20 Speed Skaters 1-1 Count


Rowing Points of Performance

Jump Rope Points of Performance

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


500M Row

100 Double Unders
This is a long piece. So setting and holding a pace is key. Pick something you can sustain.

Break up Double Unders into smaller sets like 20-25 with only a 1-2 breath rest between. On the rower focus on quality positions and the same 500M split the entire time


3 Mins Singles or 3 Mins Dubs practice

Cool Down


2 Mins Banded Hip Extension

3 Min Squat w KB

20 Wall Push Throughs


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Elevate Fitness and Performance – CrossFit


10 Mins:

100M Run

10 KBS

10 PVC PT Standing and Squatting

6 Wall Climbs (1-2-3-4 Count)

2 Wall Walks w 5 sec top hold

10 Alt Groiners

20 Count KB Squat Hold

Metcon (Weight)

4 Sets:

10 Single Arm DB Push Press Per Arm

(Arm not Pressing must Hold Heavy KB in Front Rack Hold…so we are making this more difficult by needing to press with 1 arm and hold w the other)

6 KB Suitcase Deadlifts @ Feel medium weight per hand (not too light not too heavy)

Rest as needed BTWN sets but minimally

16 Mins Max
Mark Down DB weight used for PP


5 Rounds

15 True Pushups

15 Squats w Bottom Pause

10 Kip Swings…feet together maintain hollow body…..or :30 Active Hang

:20 Wall Facing Handstand

Not For time

Rest as needed…..20 Mins Max

Posterior Accessory Work

5 Min Banded March

Cool Down

40 PVC PT Squatting

40 PVC Behind Neck Sots Press