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Are You Coachable?

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It may seem easy to view that question merely as a representation of ability level. Meaning the belief that being coachable depends on being able to take what your coach teaches you and perform it perfectly.

Being coachable is not about being perfect or moving perfect or being the fastest, strongest or most aesthetically pleasing. Within us all resides the ability to be coachable.

I have never witnessed a person work their ass off with a second/minute/hour/day/week/month/year discipline and attention to detail and not drastically improve.

I have witnessed this improvement first hand on the baseball field with teammates and in the gym with friends and Elevate members.
Simply put, being coachable does come down to doing what needs to be done in order to constantly progress and avoid stalling or simply sitting at the same fitness level, or worse digressing. The determining factor with progress or lack thereof is a simple matter: Do you merely hear the coach and nod and never implement our advice and path towards better mobility, sound movement patterns, improved nutrition quality etc…… or do you take this advice and implement it? I hope these are tough questions to ask yourself.
Are you Coachable?  Some of you are and all of you 100% have the potential to be.
Again we are here to motivate and guide you but the hard truth is that if you’re doing the minimum of what is asked of you, you may not be coachable. That does not mean you cannot be taught…but it does mean you may not be applying any of the wisdom and guidance you’re being given.
The point….strive to be coachable.
Show up early.
Put priority to making every training session the most important session you have ever done.  Put priority to the cool down and extra work……we must have the busiest Elevate Crew as everyone seems to need to leave at 36 seconds past the hour.
You have an amazing coaching staff that frankly many of you may be underutilizing. Utilize us. Being coachable is about thirsting for constant improvement and being willing to do what is necessary to grasp and take hold of that constant improvement.
We say it alot…..we applaud you for showing up……guess what? That’s not enough. Check out this quote featuring All-Time great Michael Jordan.
I am writing this because myself and the Elevate Staff care so much about you being badasses that we text each other about how we can get people more fired up. Your owners care so much they regularly have hour long phone calls about how we can be better coaches and owners to motivate all of you more.
But you have to want it bad…..and be willing to do the work.  That is what it means to be coachable.
Anyone can learn to do an air squat…..but not anyone will commit themselves to 100 Slow air Squats everyday until their air squat is PERFECT…not good…PERFECT.
So here is your job…..Listen, apply, work hard, work harder, then work even harder. I promise you this will cascade into other areas of your life. In the gym and in life (as life is a teacher) we should all be coachable. We are all capable. But our actions determine whether we are truly COACHABLE.
So ill leave the question directly to you to answer for yourself…….Are you, right now COACHABLE?
As always we appreciate you all.
Let us all together….Light up the darkness
Coach Lucas

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