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Airplane Safety

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Weird title right? It’ll make sense.

So I feel safe saying that we have all been on a plane before.

Which means we have all heard the Airplane safety talk before the plane takes off.

Especially the part regarding oxygen masks.

We are always told that we should put our oxygen mask on before helping the person next to us put their mask on.

The concept is simple: If you don’t help yourself you cannot help others because you won’t be able to breath.  oxygen

Now pull that concept into your everyday life and pretend the Oxygen is your health.

If you don’t have health and vitality-the kind we are relentlessly driven to help you acquire-your ability to be an example, and inspiration to friends and family isn’t possible.

In addition the people in your life don’t get to experience the best version of you.

The version that will be adventurous, happy, encouraging, energetic, loving and caring.

And those of you with kids….your kids see everything you do, and how you act…EVERYTHING and then they want to emulate that because you are their hero.

So remember to prioritize you first so you can always show up in the capacity you wish to for those people in your life that you love and cherish.

This is all in the interest of living the happiest and healthiest life possible.

That is the most succinct description of our goal here at Elevate Fitness.

See you in the gym!

Coach Lucas