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7 Awesome Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

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Sometimes tasty treats can be good for us. Today we highlight dark chocolate. Yes CHOCOLATE!

Dark chocolate carries with it many health benefits that many of you may have not realized.


Now the consensus is that 70-99% is the optimal percentage of pure cacao or cocoa solids in a dark chocolate bar.  Also remember that SELF CONTROL needs to be practiced which means we should consume this delicious superfood in moderation… ounce or less daily.


We liken Dark Chocolate to Red Wine.


In small doses it has very positive benefits and satisfies a visceral need. In large quantities it IS NOT so good for you. So don’t over do it but rather enjoy a little here and there.


I’m a huge fan of 88% Dark Chocolate and will sometimes put a little piece in his oatmeal in the morning for some dark chocolate oatmeal.


Coach Lucas
Team Elevate