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The Shopping Cart Test

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I know that is a confusing title.

But the test is simple.

When you go shopping if you roll your cart to your car and then unload your groceries trolling-lvl-shopping-cart_c_2994185do you walk it all the way back to the cart rack in front of the store?

Do you walk it all the way back to where it should be or do you leave it next to your car because you don’t want to walk it back?

While this isn’t a foolproof test…

BUT it’s close to spot on.

If you aren’t the person who walks the cart back…

What else do you not give your best effort?

We are your coaches.

We care about you.

Part of that care means we are going to ask you tough questions.

We want EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU to strive for excellence in ALL FACETS of life.

You can’t turn that on and off like a faucet.

It’s a daily practice in all aspects of your life.

It’s simple….

Hard Work + Consistency = EXCELLENCE

I ask this of my coaches and myself.

Are we perfect? Hell no.

Do we expect you to be…NO.

But we expect you to reach for perfection knowing it won’t happen and excellence can still be attained.

Whether it be training, nutrition, sleep, work, home life….

Do what needs to be done, as well as it can be done, and then do that EVERY SINGLE TIME.

This is my hope for all of you distilled down to the simplest terms.

This is all in an effort to live the most glorious life possible.

Do you know what you’re capable of? Are you willing to find out? I hope so.

Next time you go shopping…


Do what needs to be done with excellence always.

As always…

Yours In Health!

Coach Lucas
Team Elevate


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