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The 4 Stages of Learning/Awareness

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This is a rather abstract tangent but one I think can be helpful nonetheless.

This short post will be about the 4 stages of Learning or Awareness.

With everything encompassing us existing as beings we are at each of these various stages with different elements encompassing our lives.


Unconscious Incompetence
This is everything we do not know that we do not know.

As we grow and learn we realize this stage will always be the most abundant as we cannot even grasp the depth and size of this stage as everything we do not now grows daily and infinitely.

Conscious Incompetence
Anytime you learn something new or are exposed to be sight, or sound, or conversation something you are not informed about you move from Unconscious Incompetence to Conscious Competence in the blink of an eye.

This stage of learning/awareness is where you will stay with any subject, skill, concept etc. that you choose to never become competent at.

Example: I will always know that I do not know how to build a house or fix and engine.

This stage really has no barriers.

It can represent our thoughts, ideals, mental and physical capabilities.

We should strive to move out of this stage to stage 3 with anything that can positively impact our everyday lives.

Again this stage will be littered with all we know that we don’t know.

This can be a dangerous stage to stay in if it impacts morals, and being a contributing member of society.

However, it is a beneficial stage as it’s the reminder that we will never know everything and that we really do not know anything in the grand scheme of all there is to know about existence and our endless universe and existence.

This stage keeps us curious and humble….hopefully.

Conscious CompetenceYOU
Plainly put….this is what we know that we know.

That depth of understanding simply depends.

As a curious human being my hope is that we all strive to take this stage to stage 4 in regards to anything in our lives we aim to master in order to realize the most optimal, vibrant form of ourselves.

Unconscious Competence
This is the stage 4 “Yoda” stage.

In this stage our competence is automatic.

From the root word Automata or Self thinking.

Without thought we have competence.

This happens with daily tasks we perform yet for a select few who have attained “oneness” if you will they live in this state.

That is not most of us.

Other than the tasks we perform as a part of our daily lives we must put a direct focus to moving from Stage 2 to 3 to 4.

Being curious about all around you is the best way I have found to embrace the dive further into these stages.

So what does this all mean?

Whether in the gym or in life embrace the journey from Stages 2-4 and realize Stage 1 is simply an infinite black hole.

And really if you think about the fact that we will never know all we do not know it can totally be a mind blow.

Like trying to grasp that the universe has no end and neither does time.\

It can be useful to use these stages to think about the concepts/topics/abilities that land in Stage 2 that we want to move to stage 4…and then relentlessly pursue these.

Whether it relates to your health and Fitness, personal growth, profession, relationships or merely a connection to the universe around you.

Being curious and thirsty to expand your learning and awareness expands you as a person, and allows you to realize the best version of you.

We only have one shot through this ride of life.


Be ok with being in each stage with various aspects of our existence.

Make it a goal to see how many aspects/concepts/abilities you can reach YODA stage with.

I know this an off the wall post.

But as your coach, my main job is to make you think.

I hope this did the trick.

Thank you for being you.

Stay Curious

Coach Lucas
Team Elevate