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Health, Wellness, and fitness are many times simply treated as an afterthought.

This is evident in our daily choices surrounding food, beverages, and movement.

Many of us create GOALS in relation to our health and fitness and once attained we find ourselves in a quagmire where we don’t quite know why we are training and why we eat clean, real food.


Think of being healthy and fit as a daily choice, not merely some goal to chase.

Most of us tend to like the chase more than the results which is why many, many people start and stop exercise routines and gain and lose weight in an endless cycle.

Choose to be a hard woman or man!

Eat Clean
Train Hard
Live Better

Stop worrying about what your friends or family think when you don’t want to crush cocktails, and potato chips.

Many times friends and family giving us a hard time about our discipline is a reflection of their own admission that such discipline isn’t possible for them.

Make a daily choice to be kind, to be healthy, to be fit, and to cut yourself from stone.

If fitness is an afterthought or something you will get to later, your nutrition, mindset and daily decisions will reflect the flexible nature of your healthy decision and discipline.

Work with your body not against it.

There are millions of people walking around trying to kill themselves on a daily basis with food, drink, drug and smoke.

All the while your body tries to keep you alive and thriving.

Make the daily decision to assist and not resist your bodies positive intentions and abilities.

It’s a daily choice.

Master each day.

Coach Lucas
Team Elevate