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Fall Leaning Challenge – Day 23

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SALT!  Ya we said it SALT…

Oooo that’s like a no no word right? WRONG.

Salt is necessary!

Often, when we eliminate processed foods from our diet, the amount of sodium we ingest is dramatically reduced, in many cases so much so that we need to add salt to the foods we cook at home.

The need for salt is also increased in those who are very physically active.

In Shaking up the Salt Myth: The Human Need for Salt, Chris Kresser examines just how important Salt is for us!

Sodium is a vital nutrient. It’s a major component of extracellular fluid, and is essential for maintaining the volume of the plasma to allow adequate tissue perfusion and normal cellular metabolism. (7) Because sodium is used as an extracellular cation, it is typically found in the blood and lymph fluid. The maintenance of extracellular fluid volume is an important physiologic function of the sodium in the body, particularly in regards to cardiovascular health.

So as you can see from the article salt is not inherently bad for you.  This is one of the many food myths and wives tales that we are all surrounded by!  You know them:

Feed a cold, starve a fever
Swallow Gum and it’s in your stomach for 7 years
Turkey makes you sleepy

And so on….  So don’t be afraid of a little salt BUT DON’T GO OVERBOARD EITHER!

What is the biggest food myth, lie or misconception you have had in the past or heard of?  Let’s tell some stories, this should be a fun one.