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Fall Leaning Challenge – Day 19, 20 & 21

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So it’s another Friday and that means the weekend is here!

And we want to help you have fun this weekend… how are we going to do that?

Easy make your challenge to get out and play!

In his awesome article, The Lost Art of Play by Mark Sisson, he states:

When we embrace play, we claim a better quality of life for ourselves. We decrease stress. We connect better with those around us. We get out more and get more out of what we do. We find more fun and maybe even meaning.

Too often we all get bogged down with the daily tasks, the mundane, the over whelming schedule of work, family, etc.

But how many of us make and take time to get out and play?

It doesn’t have to be hours and hours of play but get out for 10-20 minutes, run, jump and be merry 😉

So get out there this weekend and play!


So here is your challenge for the weekend, GO OUT AND PLAY. And post a picture each day of yourself having fun!