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Fall Leaning Challenge – Day 17

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Today we talk about how we start to put all of the previous topics together…

And yup you guessed it Mitochondria!

Ok if you actually guessed it that you are now in charge of all future posts.

We are going to talk about Mitochondria!

Often called the “powerhouse of the cell,” mitochondria produce energy as adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that your body then uses to fuel your day-to-day activities. Mitochondria dictate how you feel all the time. They’re the bedrock of a strong body and a powerful mind.

Here are 5 ways recommended to boost your Mitochondria from Dave Asprey of Bulletproof!  And surprise surprise some of these seem to have a common theme from other posts 😉

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Mitochondria

In the past, researchers and doctors have relied on things like chronic calorie restriction (CR) to convince your body to create more mitochondria. [2] That works, but it takes a great deal of willpower. These five hacks are much easier than starving yourself.

  1) Curb inflammation

Inflammation plays a key role in aging, damaging mitochondria and increasing mitochondrial dysfunction. [3] Ways to dial down inflammation include Bulletproof Protein fasting, exercising, taking a quality krill oil supplement, and following the Bulletproof Diet, where you replace inflammatory foods like grains, dairy, and omega-6 oils with anti-inflammatory , nutrient-rich fats, meats, and vegetables.

  2) Get good sleep

Studies show crappy sleep and sleep disorders play a key role in mitochondrial dysfunction. [4] In 2012, researchers identified the glymphatic system, which uses the cells’ mitochondria to remove cellular waste from the brain, particularly while you sleep. [5] In other words, as you sleep, the cells in your brain use their mitochondria to remove cellular waste. Here’s a guide to hacking your sleep.

3) Boost your brain fuel

Brain Octane turns into ketones within minutes, providing abundant fuel for your mitochondria. Ketones boost your metabolism, increase fat burning, curb hunger, and sharpen your focus. They make your mitochondria more efficient at producing energy.

4) HIIT it

Among its gazillion benefits, moving your body improves mitochondrial function and helps your brain perform better. [6] Walking has its merits, but the real advantages come from stepping it up a notch. Try high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to work out your mitochondria. One study found just two weeks of HIIT “significantly increased mitochondrial function in skeletal muscle.” [7]

5) Try Unfair Advantage

The best supplement to crank up your mitochondria is a unique active form of pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), the cousin of the popular supplement CoQ10. Adding ActivePQQ, the activated form of PQQ, can make you feel like you’re flipping on a switch of clean-burning energy. Bulletproof takes it a step further by packaging ActivePQQ in a colloidal delivery system along with CoQ10, to enhance bioavailability and absorption. The result is Unfair Advantage, a powerful way to support your mitochondria.

Have you hacked your mitochondria to increase your energy? Any tips or tricks? Share them below. Thanks for reading and have a great week.



Post the one step you are going to take to boost your Mitcohodria!  Less grains, dairy, more training… hmmm what shall you choose.