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Blame Coach Russ

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Elevate Fitness and Performance - CrossFitWarm-upTail PipeBarbell Mobility6 Mins: 10 Bootstraps 10 Groiners 10 PVC PT squatting 10 PVC Front Squats 5 PVC Cuban Press 5 PVC Muscle SnatchPracticeRowing Points of Performance....Row 1 Min focusing on position DB Snatch Practice....set up and stand, Hi-Pull, Full RepMetcon (Time)400M KB Goblet Carry…


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Elevate Fitness and Performance - CrossFitWarm-up20 burpees 2 Mins Bear Crawl 1 Min Crab WalkDynamic Warm-Up/CNS Prep5 mins :20 KB Goblet Squat Hold 10 BW Good Mornings 10 Alt Grasspickers 10 bootstrapsPracticePVC DeadliftMetcon (9 Rounds for weight)Deadlift 5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1-1 Every 3 mins for 27 mins perform setLift heavy....But safety comes first.…